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Gasket (Suzhou) Valve Components Co., Ltd.

Gasket (Suzhou) Valve Components Co., Ltd is a wholly owned foreign enterprise invested by its mother company Gasket International S.p.A.
It is located in Weiting, Suzhou Industrial Park, manufacturing state of the art valve components.  The plant commenced its operation at the end of 2009.  The company primarily produces valve seats up to 24-inches and assembles large seats up to 60-inches.  It also makes all kinds of sealing gaskets and valve components with different types of material and dimensions. In order to ensure the quality of original Italian brand, Italian experts provide long-term technical support.

With the development of the company and the market needs, Gasket International decided to set up a Greenfield in China which is today's most important market in the world. By coupling the Italian technology and knowhow with the low production costs in China, the new venture shall provide our new and old customers with the following benefits:

  • shorter delivery time, low short-haul freight, better after-sales service and technical support;
  • due to the availability of the long term on-site technical support, customers will receive a prompt upgrade to the quality of their existing products, technologies and more opportunities to grow, and can save a lot of research and development costs.
  • Customer will be able to acquire more new materials and solutions at a reasonable cost.



Gasket International SpA is world leader in design and manufacturing of seats, balls and components for valves and for the oil & gas industry.



Gasket International cooperates with the major valves manufacturers and engineering company to offer top quality products and services.


Founded in 1971, Gasket International is a modern and dynamic company focused on customer satisfaction in terms of delivery, quality, technological innovation and competitiveness.


August 1,2013   From the 1st of August Gasket International is a part of the Hutchinson SA, TOTAL Group
April 29,2010   GSVC has passed the audit from SGS for ISO 9001:2008
    Gasket Suzhou (GSVC) has passed the audit from SGS for ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management certification on April 29, 2010.